Today's world is filled with digital artists, image makers, and flooded markets...


This means that I will only work with folks who have a genuine interest in working with me because of the work I produce.  

This means that I will not pitch you some bullshit about why you should hire me, or battle with price wars.  

This means that with all of the choices that you have for your content makers, the conversations of why we should work together are much easier than in the past.

I cut my teeth shooting film as a photojournalist and have been involved in the photography industry ever since.  I have taken a lot of pictures for a lot of different clients over the past 20 years, ranging from magazines, newspapers, and a lot of commercial work but I have not reached my full potential yet. 

I can bore you with lists of awards, publications and highlights from my career.... However, I would rather the my speak for itself.  

If you like my style, let's work together!